Café in Pataholm near Mönsterås and Kalmar

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Café Förlig Wind opens for the season on Saturday, June 1, 2024. We are open on weekends until Midsummer, including June 6 and 7. From Midsummer’s Day, June 22, open every day. If you want a reminder for the summer of 2024, register your email below.


    Café Förlig Wind is a summer Café in the picturesque village of Pataholm, outside Ålem in Mönsterås municipality. We offer homebaked pies and cookies, sandwiches and ice crea. Welcome to our large garden by the water, with plenty of space also for kids and dogs.

    Business hours

    Before Midsummer: June 1, 2, 6-9, 15, 16
    From Midsummer’s Day (June 22) open every day until August 18.
    Closed on Sunday, July 28.
    Opening hours: 10:30-17

    About Café Förlig Wind

    More than 20 years ago, Sara and Karin, together with a friend and their mother, started Café Förlig Wind in Pataholm ooutside Ålem in the municipality of Mönsterås. The place was simply too good not to have an old-fashioned café with sandwiches and homebaked pastries. Since, Förlig Wind has been a recurring institution every summer in Pataholm. After a few years, the café was handed over to others to run, and we were occupied with other things in our lives.

    Now, the circle is closed! Starting in 2023, we run again Café Förlig Wind, now together with Sara’s daughter Lisa. The business has grown, and there are more visitors, but much has stayed the same. It is still a small-scale operation, homebaking and cozy. Every day we bake pies and cookies. We mix the waffle batter from scratch and have a good time together. We hope that you, as a visitor, will notice that!

    The café is located in a fantastic environment, well worth a visit on its own. But if you’re driving on the E22 towards Kalmar or Öland, it’s just a small detour of 5 km for relaxation and great coffee. From the café, you can choose to drive back to the E22 at Ålem or follow the beautiful coastal road for about a mile and join the E22 at Kåremo. In terms of time, it’s about the same, but we highly recommend the coastal road.

    Discover Pataholm, Ålem and Mönsterås!


    Pataholm is an idyllic community by the Kalmarsund, opposite Borgholm Castle ruins. Many of the houses date back to the town’s heyday in the 19th century when a significant portion of trade and timber exports from Kalmar County passed through Pataholm. You can stroll among the houses, visit the café, paddle around the headland, and explore the summer art exhibition.


    Ålem is the nearest larger community. Here you’ll find a gas station and a grocery store. Nearby attractions include Ålem Church from the 19th century, a prime example of a “Tegnérlada,” the neoclassical church buildings advocated by Bishop Essaias Tegnér of Växjö to accommodate the entire parish population.

    Kronobäck Monastery Ruins are well worth a visit. It is a medieval monastery church established by the Knights Hospitaller, with an exhibition about life in the monastery and the surrounding area during the Middle Ages.


    Mönsterås is the main town in the municipality, offering a wide range of services. Just a few kilometers from the center, you’ll find the beautiful Oknö, with swimming opportunities and a diving tower. In Timmernabben, between Mönsterås and Pataholm, there is Råsnäs Confectionery, producing confectionery using old recipes and methods. The Modéerska House, a merchant’s house from the 18th century, sells local crafts.

    About the Schooner Förlig Wind, Pataholm

    Café Förlig Wind takes its name from the Schooner Förlig Wind (Prosperous Wind), the last sailing merchant ship without an auxiliary motor in Sweden. The schooner was built in 1892 at Olsson’s shipyard in nearby Timmernabben by shipbuilder Johan Jonsson. Originally, Timmernabben was also its home port, but in 1916, Förlig Wind ended up in Pataholm, where it mostly operated in traffic to and from Öland.

    In 1956, it was acquired by the local heritage association in Pataholm to be preserved for future generations. However, due to limited resources and the forces of nature, the ship was eventually dismantled. Today, details from the Förlig Wind are preserved at the small museum in Pataholm. And the name lives on through a street in Kalmar and, of course, through Café Förlig Wind in Pataholm.

    Café Förlig Wind on Facebook

    Café Förlig Wind

    3 months 1 day ago

    Nu börjar årets caféförberedelser! Nytt tyg på stolar samt lite fix i kök och lager. Och Pataholm bjöd i vanlig ordning på strålande solsken, även

    Café Förlig Wind

    8 months 4 weeks ago

    Nu har vi stängt dörren för sista gången den här säsongen. Tack alla besökare som kom och gjorde vår cafésommar till ett minne att leva

    Café Förlig Wind

    9 months 22 hours ago

    Sista helgen och därmed sista chansen för i år! Välkomna att fika mellan 11 och 16 lördag och söndag!

    Café Förlig Wind

    9 months 5 days ago

    Nu kör vi igång sista veckan, 11-16 måndag till söndag! Har ni tur kanske ni träffar cafékatten Angus som hängt med oss i sommar och

    Café Förlig Wind

    9 months 1 week ago

    Solen skiner och vi har öppet! I helgen kör vi som vanligt, 10-17 och nästa vecka, som är sista veckan för säsongen, kör vi 11-16.

    Café Förlig Wind

    9 months 1 week ago

    Det sägs att det ska regna hela dagen. Ingen fara, man kan fika inomhus och vi har bullat upp med godsaker! Vi kommer att ha

    Café Förlig Wind

    9 months 2 weeks ago

    Den 4:e augusti bjuder på strålande solsken i Pataholm och vad kan då passa bättre än en fika! Välkomna!

    Café Förlig Wind

    9 months 3 weeks ago

    På söndag håller vi stängt i caféet då Ålems hembygdsförening har kulturdag i Pataholm med kaffeservering, ostkaka och annat trevligt. Men imorgon, lördag, har vi

    Café Förlig Wind

    10 months 11 hours ago

    Även Visit Småland tycker att Förlig Wind är värt ett besök. Vi kan inte annat än hålla med, välkomna på en fika!

    Café Förlig Wind

    10 months 3 days ago

    Du kan inte bara lyssna på Malin Wollins sommarprat, du kan även läsa om henne i dagens Barometern. Och då får du även tips på

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