About the Schooner Förlig Wind, Pataholm

Café Förlig Wind takes its name from the Schooner Förlig Wind (Prosperous Wind), the last sailing merchant ship without an auxiliary motor in Sweden. The schooner was built in 1892 at Olsson’s shipyard in nearby Timmernabben by shipbuilder Johan Jonsson. Originally, Timmernabben was also its home port, but in 1916, Förlig Wind ended up in Pataholm, where it mostly operated in traffic to and from Öland.

In 1956, it was acquired by the local heritage association in Pataholm to be preserved for future generations. However, due to limited resources and the forces of nature, the ship was eventually dismantled. Today, details from the Förlig Wind are preserved at the small museum in Pataholm. And the name lives on through a street in Kalmar and, of course, through Café Förlig Wind in Pataholm.