Discover Pataholm, Ålem and Mönsterås!


Pataholm is an idyllic community by the Kalmarsund, opposite Borgholm Castle ruins. Many of the houses date back to the town’s heyday in the 19th century when a significant portion of trade and timber exports from Kalmar County passed through Pataholm. You can stroll among the houses, visit the café, paddle around the headland, and explore the summer art exhibition.


Ålem is the nearest larger community. Here you’ll find a gas station and a grocery store. Nearby attractions include Ålem Church from the 19th century, a prime example of a “Tegnérlada,” the neoclassical church buildings advocated by Bishop Essaias Tegnér of Växjö to accommodate the entire parish population.

Kronobäck Monastery Ruins are well worth a visit. It is a medieval monastery church established by the Knights Hospitaller, with an exhibition about life in the monastery and the surrounding area during the Middle Ages.


Mönsterås is the main town in the municipality, offering a wide range of services. Just a few kilometers from the center, you’ll find the beautiful Oknö, with swimming opportunities and a diving tower. In Timmernabben, between Mönsterås and Pataholm, there is Råsnäs Confectionery, producing confectionery using old recipes and methods. The Modéerska House, a merchant’s house from the 18th century, sells local crafts.